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The remarkable, yet unsigned artist J'Maurice  also known as JaFeezie is a Multi Talented Artist  who blends Pop,Hip Hop with today's R&B, producing some of the most exhilarating sounds.J'Maurice began his career at age a young Age of 14, at that time he would perform for his family and friends, before taking up small gigs, and he has continued on that path ever since, trying to make his way up to the top, his efforts has really begun to pay off, because when you talk about originality in both lyrics and sound, you see a lot of that in his breath taking music that brings you to the peak of elavation right from the start. 

J'Maurice believe's that "Love" is the key ingredient missing in today's music, which is why his music has such a different and exceptional appeal to it, J'Maurice sure does have some unique skills that you probably would not find anywhere else. 

J'Maurice was born in Kingston New York, and his life changed forever when at age 2 his parents got divorced, and he had to move to Dallas, Texas with his father, that was the first of many moves because he found himself bouncing from Texas, to Kansas to stay with his aunt, and after a short while, he was back in Texas again. His movements really affected his youthful life, "it made me turn away from my parents and my peers, and I discovered my true talent, MUSIC" he says. 

Mixing East and West coast styles, with a bit of the good Old South, if you enjoy any form of rap music, you are sure to enjoy listening to the unique songs of this Hip Hop/Pop artist that hails from Texas.

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